Our home as a sanctuary

A few weeks ago, I heard a sermon that challenged me to see our effort of tidying as a spiritual discipline. The preacher, Amy Moehnke, asked us each to think about our New Year’s resolutions within the context of our faith. How do the goals we set for ourselves bring us closer to God?

As I pondered her question, I began to remember our premarital counseling. We had been a couple for almost 4 years when we got engaged. During that time we had already discussed the usual premarital topics of kids, finances, and how to properly load the toilet paper roll (over the roll, not under). As such, the priest asked us to think about how we wanted our faith to be reflected in our union and our home. The idea that came to us over and over, was that we both wanted our home to be a sanctuary and a safe haven. We wished for our home to be a place to welcome others and show the hospitality that has been shown to us so often. We desired to share the abundance of what God has given us.

This vision of creating a sanctuary within our home has given me a new way of framing the work of tidying. It has added a necessary dimension to the work we are undertaking. We are not simply getting rid of excess stuff or organizing the stuff we cherish. We are establishing a space in which we can live into our calling as a couple and family.

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